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Licensing ECS

Licencing this Climate Changing Technology

ECS technology if flexible and adaptable.

For large scale power production, the dense media versions of ECS would be used.

Dense media is mildly abrasive and requires careful system design and component selection to minimise wear.

Designs of positive displacement pumps, specifically for the low head circulation of dense media are available


Special purpose rotary valve designs are also available.

The magnet separator is a unique design incorporating inexpensive permanent magnets, which has been successfully tested alongside the media discharge regulator, both incorporated in the current TRL5 Proof of Concept ECS unit.

The ECS-HAC water / air version is less complex than the dense media versions and would be used for either compressed air or power production, or a combination, in the lower ranges.


ECS and these components have now been granted patent protection in UK & Europe, with patents being progressed in other major industrialised countries.

ECS and ECS-HAC technology is available for licensing to any organisation prepared to develop and commercialise it.

A great deal of small-scale test work has been done and successfully operated for periods, leaving no doubt that ECS technology works, and works well. Both versions can be demonstrated at small scale.

However, to capitalise on the significant opportunity that ECS presents, it does require the necessary financial and engineering resources to develop it to a commercial scale.

Commercial scale would be defined as an ECS unit capable of generating power and of course revenue, to give an acceptable Return on Investment (ROI) NB. A financial example of a 2.4MW unit is given at More Financials.

For further information on licensing ECS please use the Contact page or email me at

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