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Analyzing Data

Energy Conversion System Financials

By going solar, you'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - saving our planet.

Energy Conversion System: Financial Projections

Shown below is a ROI projection for a 2.4MW  Energy Conversion System unit based on a selling price of GBP75 per MW/hr with reinvestment.

This projection was prepared by in 2019, so in view of current energy costs in 2024 these projections could be revised upwards.

The Energy Conversion System has powerful arguments for lower electricity prices:- it is constant, 24/7, hence there would be no need for the UK National Grid to pay over GBP 4 billion in 2022 for ‘spinning reserve’ fossil fuel power to compensate for the intermittent nature of wind and solar power, a figure that is likely to increase as even more intermittent renewables come on-line.

There would be no need for costly energy storage systems. the Energy Conversion System would provide baseload power, switching to hydrogen electrolysis when demand drops.

ECS Return on Investment Financial Report

Shown here is another ROI projection for a 2.4MW the Energy Conversion System based on a selling price of GBP75 per MW/hr, but this time without any reinvestment.

Note to Financial Directors, Energy Conversion System units can anticipate economical life times of 50+ years, with minimal maintenance costs!

Energy Conversion System-HAC water-only units offer the possibility of significant additional revenue if adapted to strip atmospheric CO2 while operating. NB. The UK ETS Authority has fixed the carbon tax at £83.03 per tonne of CO2 removed from January 2023.

ECS Financial returns on investment into the Energy Conversion System
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