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The Energy Conversion System has been tested and demonstrated that the system performs well.

Energy Conversion System: Testing

Tests have demonstrated that the system performs well

Energy Conversion System. Has the technology been tested?

Numerous test units have been built over the years, in order to refine the Energy Conversion System technology. The test unit shown is the latest and incorporates flow meters, pressure gauges, density measuring, etc... to provide TRL 6-stage 'proof of concept’ in support of TUV-NEL’s calculations and robust operational data for the detailed design of larger power-producing Energy Conversion System units.

(NB TRL = Technology Readiness Level  EU version)

NB: This TRL6 unit is too small to make the fitting of a water turbine generator practical but its primary purpose was to demonstrate the use of the 'Back Up' tanks to prevent the system from re-balancing and stopping.

It is not necessary to fit a water turbine generator as power output from an Energy Conversion System unit can be accurately calculated using pressure and flow measurements, as is the case with this test work.

Tests have demonstrated that the system performs well and re-balancing is prevented.

The test rig illustrated is the latest in a long line of test rigs built to advance the development of the Energy Conversion System.

Testing the Energy Conversion System
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